Monday, January 3, 2011

Help for a young person in Shangri-La China

In November 2010 we visited Shangri-La in China. We were there for two days and it was very cold around 5c! We had on every layer of clothing that we could put on and then our plastic ponchos on top of that to try to keep the cold wind out.

Our guide Tony took us to visit a family in a village, which was indeed very interesting to see how they lived. The family of three generations made us very welcome, lit the fire in the big room and brought out Yak cheese for us to try.

You can see the mother here and one of their daughters here

Tony told us about a scholarship scheme he is involved with, wherein they help students that are passing their exams to be able to get further on in life. The family whom we visited, have a daughter that has been able to go onto University and now has a stable job as a result of the scholarship. Something that the family could not have afforded and provided.

I would like to raise funds to help another student and I have created a Zazzle shop and all commissions received from sales will go to the scholarship. I will be adding more work to the shop and lots more products.*

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