Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It is a bit hard!

It is a bit hard having one leg in a rigid splint, it has somewhat has clipped my wings so to speak! After my fall in Bali last week and the xray finding a fracture of the left patella, I have to endure 6 weeks in a rigid splint and no driving! I have to have the seat back so far just to get my leg in the car, cannot reach the pedals to drive. So have to rely on my husband to take me places.

I did get to see my grandson win his grade 1 running race this morning and duly photographed, everyone else was at work. It is a wet day here, which is pretty rare for us, driest winter for a long long time, they sent the junior classes back to school as they were getting very damp and cold, so I was able to ring my husband and ask him to come and pick me up and come home again.

Off to have another xray this afternoon to check and see there is no further movement, if one can be lucky I am in that there is very little displacement and hopefully after 6 weeks of wearing the splint it will all be healed again and we can go to China October 12. Time is going to tell on that one.

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