Friday, August 14, 2009

My Mum

I haven't been very active lately, tried doing some painting but it just wasn't working. My Mum aged 93 was in hospital for two and a half weeks and sadly she passed away a couple of days ago. Mum had been in a lot of pain, which even strong pain killers didn't help and they couldn't resolve what was causing it. In the end her organs gave up. Mum said she had had a good life and it was time to go.

My brother came from New York, but sadly didn't get here in time, but it is lovely having him here and helping my sister and the rest of the family get closure. We are having a family memorial service this afternoon.

It is hard to believe that Mum has gone, we have had so many close calls, but this has been final one.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. A mother is a very special person.

  2. Thanks so much Barbra, I do appreciate your making a comment. We had a memorial service for her today, just family and it was all we wanted it to be. Mum is at peace now.