Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not enough time at the moment!

Since coming back from Bathurst NSW where I did a winter art school, which was absolutely terrific, I managed to bring a bug back with me and have not felt the best. Had one day in bed and slept most of the day, but gradually getting better. Still managed to do the MOTL market last Saturday, had a reasonable day, but have to give a lot of thought of how to best set up my market stall next time.

I have not had time to get back into painting, apart from being sick, my Mum has gone off to hospital again. Mum is 93 and coming close to 94, so life is getting harder for her. She still has been living independently, but only just with my help. She lives close by which helps. But for how much longer we don't know, it is going to depend on how she pulls out of this current crisis.

I'm off to babysit my two little grand daughters in the morning, which will be a lovely fun morning. Gracie is 3.5 years and Ava 2.5 and they have a lovely time playing babies together.

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